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__Yahweh Candle.jpg

A classic! Our 9.5oz 3-wick candles will make the perfect addition to your space.

__ Open Sample Set.jpg

We took the guesswork out of ordering candles online. Try all of our scents at once or gift this incredibly cute package as a gift to your favorite candle and fragrance enthusiast.

__El Shaddai Room spray.jpg

Our go-to for quickly refreshing any space. These room spays, will fill your spaces with instantly invigorating aroma with just a few spritz. 

__El Olam Wax Melt.jpg

Our secret to a minimally effortless fragrant home. Pop one of these little squares into your wax warmer and the the aroma fill the room. 

__Gift Set.jpg

Gift Set

Build the perfect gift set for your favorite person or for yourself.  This set includes 1 scent sample set, 1 room spray, 1 candle, and 1 wax melt, all of your choosing! Did we mention this bundle is our best savings deal yet?

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