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Scent Glossary

All the notes that make up our unique scents, plus Carly's  personal description of each scent. 

El Shaddai

TOP NOTES: Neroli, Juniper
MIDDLE NOTES: Rosemary, Sage
BASE NOTES: Black Pepper, Oakmoss

Carly's Corner: I really wish I had the words to describe the scent of this candle so I am going to try my best, Its bold, but subtle, its unique but familiar, its sweet but savory. Okay, maybe that didn’t make any sense to you lol. When I think of the word almighty I think of immense strength and power but also an overwhelming gentleness. Some might say this candle smells like a mans cologne, others might say it smells like a cabin on a mountain top, but I would rather you tell me what you think it smells like.



TOP NOTES: Ruhbarb, Sweet Orange

MIDDLE NOTES: Pink Lotus, Peony

BASE NOTES: Cashmere, Cedar Blanc

Carly's Corner: Maybe I’ve been living under a rock but I did not know what rhubarb was until like 2 years ago. My first encounter with rhubarb I instantly fell in love with its sweetness and earthiness. There is a grounding warmth to this candle but also a mouth watering fruit like sweetness.



TOP NOTES: Grapefruit, Mangosteen

MIDDLE NOTES: Honeysuckle, Coriander

BASE NOTES: Vetiver, Musk

Carly's Corner: I really try not to have favorites but if I did, this candle would be on the top of my list. This candle feels like the first day of spring, there is a gentle breeze, the warmth from the sun is so gently warming your face, so much so that you kinda get chills, your sundress has pockets and someone is selling your favorite Italian ice on the side of the road, the birds are chirping, squirrels are playing, its just a good day. This candle feels like the joy of the Lord to me. This candle smells fruity, citrusy, and a little powdery, It is my go to morning time candle, the scent is an instant mood booster.


El Olam

TOP NOTES: Linden Blossom, Chocolate 

MIDDLE NOTES: Tabac, White Amber

BASE NOTES: Almond, Pistachio 

Carly's Corner: Each scent provided its own degree of difficulty, fact of the matter is trying to create a candle inspired by an indescribable, incomparable God is really meager attempt, because the way that I view God and His power, His goodness, will 99.9% differ from how you view Him, but I am curious, willing, foolish or faithful enough to make the attempt. But in the case of this candle, whew, I was challenged! you are immediately hit with notes of toasted almond and pistachio, cascading with a light drizzle of semi-sweet chocolate, but there’s this floral sweetness that tickles your nose at the very end of your first whiff that leaves your curiously wanting more. This scent is strong and bold and honestly it’s not for everyone, but it can be undoubtedly yours.



TOP NOTES: Honeysuckle, Mandarin 


BASE NOTES: Rosewood, Musk

Carly's Corner:  Agua Fresca!, thats it, that’s the only way I can describe this scent to you. It fruity, its crisp, its bright, its citrusy, and refreshingly light. That’s all the words I have for you on this one.



TOP NOTES: Violet, Raspberry

MIDDLE NOTES: Oud, Cardamom

BASE NOTES: Bourbon, Tonka

Carly's Corner: Out of all the candles in this series, I think this one is the most complex. There is this undeniable masculine earthiness that grounds you but there is a subtle hint of vanilla that soothes you, yet there is blend of butterscotch, nutmeg and tobacco that perks up your ears, however you are once again mellowed by the toothsome tuberose and raspberry This scent will send you on a whirlwind of emotions while trying to figure it out.


El Elyon

TOP NOTES: Black Pepper, Pineapple

MIDDLE NOTES: Tonka, Ginger

BASE NOTES: Leather, Vetiver

Carly's Corner: I went to Virginia a few years ago, being that I have lived in Florida most of my life, I had never witnessed the colors of fall with my own eyes. The winding roads outlined by soaring trees in fluctuating shades of crimson, amber and jade all on the backdrop of a wide open sky with its own array of magnificent colors. You can easily say that I was in awe. I think his scent somewhat captures what I saw all those years ago in Virginia, the splendor of Gods creativity. With notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and ginger, this scent is so warming and begs to be accompanied with a glass of hot tea.


El Roi

TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Sweet Meyer Lemon

MIDDLE NOTES: Rosemary, Iris

BASE NOTES: White Amber, Black Currant

Carly's Corner: I have not been a shepard and I don’t any, but I do know what its like to reflect on a past season of life and realize that God was looking over me and the steps that I’ve taken. This candle feels like a sunny day after the rain has settled, the ground is still wet but the sun is shining bright behind the clouds. This candle smells citrusy, but has depth and warmth. It’s comforting yet energetic.

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