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Our Story

Good things can come from desperation and defeat right? A desperate sorrowful plea turned into purpose and joy!  A prayer realized 4 years after that moment of pure hopelessness, now a mission to bring the comfort, the peace, and the joy of God in a way that is intentional and personal.

Where Intentionality and Comfort Meet.



Well this is awkward, lol Hi there (again)! My name is Carly, I haven’t really figured out what I want to say about myself just yet, so check back later, I’m sure I'll have something to say then lol 

Names of God

A 2 part limited edition candle collection with each scent inspired by a different name of God. 

Have Joy!

Have you ever purchased a candle and it was just underwhelming, it didn’t help create the vibe you wanted, or conveyed the emotions you were feeling? Click below to get my FREE "Candle Picking Guide". It will help you intentionally pick the perfect candle for any occasion and any mood.



I have always been enamored by beautiful handwriting. There is something special about seeing your name written out so beautifully, knowing it was done with intention, skill, and love, makes you want treasure that piece of paper or item it was written on forever.  Allow me to bring that love and intentionality to your items and services. Book me for one of my services below.


Things that i've made that I have made my life easier, they are cute but most importantly they functional and fun! Hope they bring you some joy too, 

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Made with Joy!



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