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I am so glad you're here!! My name is Carly and I am your new favorite candle maker, calligrapher, part-time crafter, introverted but slightly extroverted friend. My goal is to help those navigating their curiosity about the Bible in a way that's fun, non-judgmental, and totally personal. 

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Of course I had to find pants that matched my labels, you shouldn't expect less from me lol 

My name is Carly, but I think you knew that already lol, I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, but I currently live in the beautiful city of Tampa, Florida. 


I am a lover of all things creative! Ceramics, fashion, music, even basket weaving—you name it and more than likely I’ve tried it, but calligraphy and candle making is what truly brings me joy! 


I am one of those introverted- extroverted people, I really enjoy being at home hanging out with my kids and husband. If I’m not at home, I’m at a zoo or aquarium, my kids love animals and wildlife so now I love them too. If I’m not with my family, I am more than likely out with my friends, probably at lunch, overdressed and laughing way too hard at a corny joke. 


I am a very curious person, I love to learn, and research interesting and random facts, not enough to be on jeopardy but close enough lol. One of those interesting things being the Bible. 


I became a Christian in college, like most new believers I was stuck asking “what now?” I was lucky enough to find a church home and make new friends that were already believers. They helped me so much especially during those first couple of months. Although they were very gracious towards me, I was subject to their availability. Becoming a Christian and my life now changing was already a seismic shift and I didn’t want to bombard my new friends with my random questions at 2am lol. 


With my random questions and thoughts in mind,  I went to Lifeway (a Christian book store) and haphazardly bought books and a study Bible! And from that point on I developed a love for reading the Bible and it made navigating this new life a tad bit easier.


And that’s why I make candles inspired by different books, themes and elements of the Bible! Becoming a Christian can be challenging and reading the Bible can be intimidating. And I want to do my best to help others navigate their walk with God or their curiosity about the Bible in a way that’s personal, non-judgmental, and fun. The candles, room sprays, calligraphy etc are just to make your spaces smell good and add some razzle to your dazzle, because lets be honest everyone loves a house that smells good and seeing their name written in a pretty font lol but my hope is that the verse cards attached to each product I created will be helpful to someone who is new to being a Christian or just want to learn more about the Bible.


I am still learning a ton everyday and although I don’t have all the answers, I’m having a great time living life and creating stuff for y’all! Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me! 


With Joy, Carly! 

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I spend most of my day in this chair, it's essential to my creative process and mid-day office naps.

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